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How to Stream Longer than 30 minutes with Canon M50 with autofocus, NO capture card!!


Read a lot of forums and watched a lot of videos and I think I figured it out! 


I open EOS Utility, plug my M50 into my iMac with a micro USB (one made for data transfer, such as a phone cable), then open live view mode and move it into a different window by itself. 


Next, I open OBS and add a window capture and select the live view window. I crop it and I am good to go! 


Note: You have to make sure the M50 screen is out and flipped into selfie mode, this is what keeps the camera from freezing after 30 minutes. 


Now you have a streaming camera with continuous autofocus for longer than 30 minutes, oh and without a capture card! 


I hope this is able to help someone that ran into the same issues as me! 

Who Me Too'd this topic