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macOS 10.15 - minor Catalina updates require scanner driver reinstall


Canon Support, if you are lurking here, every time I install a minor macOS 10.15 update, I must reinstall the scanner driver to restore scanner function of my TS6020.


After applying the macOS update, when I use Apple's to scan, the scanner fails, and reports the driver is "corrupt or missing".


The workaround is to reinstall the scanner driver (currently ICA Driver Ver.4.3.4a.) After that, scanner works fine (until the next minor macOS update.)


Has happened after every Catalina update, i.e. 10.15.1, 10.15.2 … 10.15.4.


Affects only the scanner driver, the printer driver survives the macOS update just fine.


iMac Retina 5K, 27" (Late 2014)


Who Me Too'd this topic