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EOS R AF not focusing consistently




Recently I have noticed that my EOS R is having trouble focusing.

I am using back button focus with AI servo but this also happens with the AF and metering bound to the shutter button.

Basically, if I have the camera to my eye and select my AF point then hit the focus button it regularly can't focus on an object. If I look at the live view and use the focus button it is the same problem, but if I tap the screen to focus, the camera focuses just fine.

I have tried finding more contrasting areas to focus, different AF modes, larger AF points and with and without back button focus.

I have also tried 3 different lenses and it seems to be the same in each.

Here is a video showing the problem:


Youtube link 

in the video I am in manual mode, using back button single point AF with the RF 24-105

Who Me Too'd this topic