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MX892 constantly goes offline from Google Cloud Print


Hi there,


I have two separate MX892 printers in two different locations.  Both are setup to connect wirelessly and both are setup with a google account for Google Cloud Print.   When either is first powered on, everything works great - I can print wirelessly from any computer on the network, and I can also print via Google Cloud Print.  However, sometime within 24 hours, they will both go "offline" for Google Cloud Print, even though I continue to have no issues printing from any computer from their respective local (wireless) networks.  Everything contiunes to work as expected except cloud print.  


Why does the printer keep going offline for Google Cloud Print?  If I power cycle either printer (via the power button on the printer), once it's back up and on, it's back online for Cloud Print for a short amount of tome. 


Any suggestions?   

Who Me Too'd this topic