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Trouble copying movies from camera to computer via USB [Vixia G50]


Camera: Vixia G50 camcorder

Computer: Windows10 desktop PC

While I know that I can remove the SD card from the camera and use a card reader to copy images to the PC, I have been trying to do that from the camera directly.  Each time I do so, I encounter a problem. 

My Windows 10 PC has no problem detecting the camera (camera set to "Media" mode), and Windows File Explorer allows me to drill down into the DCIM folder containing 5 4K videos, each ranging from 200KB to 5GB in size.  The problem occurs when I try to copy the videos to my PC.  The process immediately fails with an "Unspecified error".  I've tried the following variations:

-Different USB ports

-Camera on DC power 

-Camera on battery

I can easily transfer files to my PC from other cameras and recording devices, so I don't think it's my PC or computer skills.

Does anyone have any ideas?  I just bought the camera and I'd hate to have to send it back.

Who Me Too'd this topic