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MF733Cdw - Error - E021-1000


MF733Cdw - Purchased this printer in June 2019.  It's been working fine until this past week.  I have an error E021-1000.  I have tried powering off the printer and restarting it several times per the error description/message.  Message also says to call my dealer or service representative if that doesn't work.  I purchased the printer thru  I called the local service people listed when I search for service on the Canon page.  Those folks basically gave us a ton of push back to the effect that they would not work on this printer since we didn't purchase from them.  


What does this error mean?

Who/Where do I need to go to have the printer repaired?

I am truly disappointed by the quality of the Canon printer - hard fail after only 6 months - and - no service.

Thoughts, suggestions or any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic