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Ink Absorber Full - Buy a new printer!

The ink absorber on my Canon MG2950 is, it says, almost full. I spoke to Canon Support who told me that the first time you get this it means it is 85% full, and told me how to overcome this. However, they were quite clear that one day soon it will reach 100% at which stage my printer has to be returned to Canon at great expense to fix this, and that I might as well buy a new one as it would be cheaper. Looking at this forum (and elsewhere on line) it is clear that this is a recurring issue on almost all Canon printers. When this occurs, the manual I have simply says to contact the service center, not "Your printer is scrap". The manual doesn't even say how to get around the 85% issue.


In this day and age to use built-in obsolescence as a means of increasing your income stream is really not acceptable. What are the costs to the environment of this policy?


I want to know how Canon have the nerve to sell a product that effectively has a finite life without telling the customer. As far as I can see it's like buying a new car and then when the spark plugs or the tires need replacement, you are told to buy a new car and scrap the old one!


This policy is basically outrageous and I really cannot envisage EVER buying another Canon product. Go on, give me one good reason!

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