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Tips on sharp focusing?

Frequent Contributor

Hi. I've been wondering how people archive big sharp area on their image using very large aperture like 1.8 , 1.4 . 

I saw lots of portraits, animal pictures that using f/1.4 but both eye are crystal clear. Does that have something to do with post processing sharpening too? If i tried to use lens at f/1.4, usually I got 1 eye clear and the other is blurry. If distance also play a role in this, how people do that with lens like Canon EF 35mm L f1.4 or even 24mm.


Another thing I struggle is taking photo of more than 1 subject. Let's say 2 or more people in photos, different heights, who or where should focus to get everybody in focus without using smaller aperture than f/8.



Who Me Too'd this topic