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Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II - terrible import issue over WiFi to iPhone


This is TERRIBLE! Help!!!!


I've been using my Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II for about 5 months now.

I import most of my photos via wifi connection to my iPhone.


I noticed after a long time doing this that apparently every imported photo creates an empty album with the name "Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II" on my phone.


So now I have litterally thousands of such empty albums (see image below).


I believe this has caused my Apple Photos library to stop synching and generally function slow.

Not to mention this is causing other issues when trying to work with images across other iPhone apps due to the large number of albums neede to load.


Does anyone have experience with this? 


Here's what it looks like on my iCloud account:


Who Me Too'd this topic