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Re: Canon 80D. Camera taking to long to write a picture

@Miguelismo wrote:
I tried to get a different card to see if I would get a different result. I manged to get a card that is a lot cheaper and old, it has 4gb and lower class and speed, but it can indeed produce better results. In raw it took like 4 seconds or so to be ready to take another picture. Mine would take 30+ seconds as mentioned above. So it seems that the problem is the card as you guys suspected. What should I do with it? It is the only one I have right now and I will spend 4 days in trip and would like to use it.

Save any files that you are on the card and use the camera to perform a low level format.  Search for the menu that formats the memory card.  It should be in one of the Wrench menu screens.


If a low level does not help it, then toss it.  You may want to do a low level format on both cards, too.  Carry both cards on your trip.


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