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MG6320 blurry printing with PGBK ink only?


I'm experiencing blurring issues with my PGBLK ink. Similar to the issues expressed in these topics:

Except on a Canon Pixma 6300.

I've tried multiple different steps to fix the issue and nothing's worked. Ran every single cleaning process over and over (and I've wasted so much ink in the process), and attempted to clean out the print heads like in this video: I'm able to do the first part, but not the second part where he partially separates the base, because the screws in the brown base refuse to come out. I've used my tiniest screwdrivers and they won't budge at all. I have no means to remove them.

The attached images show that my PGBLK test is still blurry.


The only time it doesn't blur like that is when I switch to XPS mode and also change my paper quality to "high resolution paper". But that grays out the duplex printing option for some reason so this method isn't practical for printing essays and other long documents. (Not the design choice I would've made. On principle I'm against graying out anything in any program. Whether you as a developer think an option is a good idea or not, I feel it should be up to the user to make that decision because it's their property. Let them worry about the consequences, you don't need to nanny them. Include a warning for dangerous options maybe, but graying them out is a step too far. That's just my opinion, I'm not trying to be rude.)

It's just frustrating to me because the only way to fix my printer also wastes paper by forcing single-page printing. I named myself "Sigh" because that's the only noise I make around printers now. It's always something with them. I bought this one because I was expecting it not to give me much trouble, because it was rated highly and it has every feature I wanted. I'm sorry for the cynicism. But the amount of money I've had to spend to try to get my printers working is getting ridiculous. I got it in January of 2016. Sure it's out of warranty but I shouldn't already need a new one this soon. It would be really nice if I could keep this one working. But to have the screws get stuck on top of everything else? It's honestly starting to make me a little superstitious. At every turn something magically cuts me off from a permanent solution.

Anyway, this forum is my last hope. I'd appreciate any advice you can give because if I can't solve the problem here I'm going to have to once again add more to my credit debt because I need a functioning printer for personal and business reasons. Sorry for the tl;dr but I'm at my wits end and I needed to rant a bit about these building irritations. I'm sure when I go to bed and wake up I'll worry that I was too harsh, but I hope I didn't put you off from helping. I would greatly appreciate it.

In the meantime I'm going to keep trying to unscrew those screws so I can clean that base square.

Who Me Too'd this topic