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Canon EOS 200D [Rebel SL2] + Speedlite 430EX III-RT: Wireless?


I have an EOS 200D (Rebel SL2) and would like to get an off-camera flash. I find conflicting information about whether my camera supports wireless flash or not. There seem to be different modes (optical vs. radio) and everything is a little bit confusing for a newbie. So here is what I found:


  • The spec sheet on the US canon website for the SL2 mentions "Wireless functions" under the "External Flash Settings" and that the "The radio wireless flash functions can be set from the camera". What does that refer to?
  • The spec sheet on the UK canon website for the EOS 200D states "wireless optical multi-flash support"
  • The spec sheet on German canon website for the EOS 200D also mentions "kabelloses Multi-Flash-System" ("wireless multi-flash-system")

So all of that sounds like I would be able to use the 430EX III-RT over wireless, but some further googling revealed:


Can anyone clarify on this? Maybe someone has that camera+flash combination? Thanks!

Who Me Too'd this topic