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C200 XF-AVC C-Log 3 Different from CRM C-Log 3


Hey everyone, new user here.


So I've been working with the C200b since December. When the new XF-AVC format was included in the latest firmware, I was finally freed of the painful MP4 proxy workflow.


Unfortunately, I'm having trouble figuring out what gamma curve the XF-AVC proxies are using. Normally, the MP4 proxies use a BT.709 color space and Canon Log 3 Gamma curve. This is useful because I most often edit the CRM files starting with  Canon Log 3, and only resort to the more aggressive Canon Log 2 for pulling out some detail in the shadows.


Here are some examples:


CRM Example 1.jpg

XFAVC Example 1.jpg


As you can see the Canon RAW Light has that classic Canon Log 3 Gamma curve, with the smooth roll off into shadows. The XF-AVC looks more like a Wide DR Gamma curve with how much contrast is baked right into the image. I've compared it to the Wide DR gamma curve and they are considerably different.


TL;DR: Does anyone know the gamma curve that the XF-AVC proxies record in? Is there a way to change that?



Who Me Too'd this topic