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Product Expert

Hi RobertStapleton,


Thanks for posting.


The camcorder doesn't provide phantom power required to power an "active" microphones. The power should be provided by an internal battery or external power source (battery or other power source).


While the XLR connector shouldn't be an issue in and of itself, if the mic is an active mic (requiring phantom power), it will need that external power source.  I do recommend limiting the number of connections for your microphone.  More connections means a greater opportunity for distortion, static or other acoustic issues.


With regard to a connection to an external source, such as your mixer, unless the mixer can provide a Mic level output, it won't work. This camcorder cannot accept a line-level input.


Microphones should meet the following specifications: 3.5mm stereo minijack, -64 dBV (with a 600 Ohm microphone) / 5k Ohms or more. Because this camcorder cannot provide "phantom" power for the microphone, an "active" microphone (requiring external power) must supply its own power.


For specific assistance, I recommend contacting the local sound or music shop where you may already shop. Shops that cater to professional musicians are best, since they frequently field these types of requests. Another benefit to a "bricks and mortar" source is that they may allow you to "try before you buy".

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