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Having Problems with new T6i


bought it a month and a week ago So im going out of town soon and dont wanna have to send in the camera and not have it with me for the trip...
i called suppot, the person i talked to didnt really seem to have any but to send it in.

this has been happening for a few days now maybe a week... so randomly while taking photos i got a Busy Signal... the screen was black and the busy could be seen in the View Finder also the Red Blinking Light was now a Solid red light... so i wait a while and nothing happens.. i switch it off, and now the screen is no longer black but says "Busy Recording Remaining Images" for hours... finally i just pull the battery.  ( i do not do video i only take photos )

This happens at random sometimes OVER and OVER even after pulling the battery, it will star back up like there is no problem i can hold the button down slightly and it will focus but then you click and.. i have to wait and see if its going to work or lock up again...

i had a (Patriot) Micro SD card with an Addapter that worked for a Month with no problems its a Class 10 
i thought maybe its the fact that it has an addapter... so i go out and buy a new (Sandisk) SD card Class 10 also
take a few pics and boom, same thing.

(i have re-flashed cards and reset the setting countless times at this point) 
I would pull the battery, re-insert the memory card and still sometimes at random it would do it again

i have removed the battery, removed and bought a new SD card, i have removed the lens and switched to others... i have had the isseu with the 50mm (old plastic one with AF) and the 24mm STM, and the 18-55mm kit Lens.

im shooting in RAW, and i dont know if that requires maybe a even BETTER card? but i should note that it has happened in jpeg too... im running out of ideas and im hoping at the very least you guys can give me some more things to try....


Who Me Too'd this topic