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How do I print on a printable DVD on the TS9020
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I'd LIKE to make an image using a photoshop template, then print that image to disk.


There's no option to to select the 'disk tray' when I go to print, and whenever I insert the disk tray, the printer tells me it's jammed.  It won't print to the tray.


I have successfully printed to a disk using only printer features.  I scanned a DVD image with it, then using the printer control panel, I was able to select the disk tray and print it.  I cannot do it from within Windows, however.


I installed "My Image Garden", which I really don't have any interest in using or having on my computer, only because that's how the online PDF manual says to print a disk.  I followed the directions, and it did not work either. It printed from the paper cassette, giving me no option to select the 'disk tray', just the paper cassette or the rear tray.


I've spent hours installing/uninstalling/reinstalling Canon drivers and software, surfing the internet for help and ideas.  I'm quite frustrated and not terribly happy right now.


Assuming we can get this to work at all, will I be able to print disks from any software, or only the "My Image Garden" software?  


Windows 10 Pro-64

16GB Ram

Ryzen 1700x

Asrock Taichi x370

Samsung Evo 960 512gb SSD boot drive

lots of HD space

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