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CanoScan LiDE 220 Windows 10 Open Source Software??


Hi, first time poster, here, so be gentle, please.


I'm using WIndows 10 and just purchased a CanoScan LiDE 220 to replace my CanoScan LiDE 100.

Now, my 100 was capable of scanning at 1600 dpi and while the software was unweildy, I figured it out.

When I purchased the 220, all the specs (including on the Canon website), indicated that this unit was capable of 4800 x 4800 dpi output.

So far, using teh included software, this has proven to be untrue.


I've seen elsewhere where it's been indicated that a Mac would be able to type in up to an output level of 19200, but nothing indicating that doing so in Windows 10 (or even half the advertised level, 2400 dpi) is at all possible.


I'd be happy with even 1600 dpi. Unfortunately, when I type that in under ScanGear in the Advanced section, it won't even scan a 7 x 10 color image at that level and gives an error message indicating:

"Scanning cannot be performed unless the crop size, output size or output resolution is reduced to 10208 x 14032 pixels or less."

So, this is totally freaky, because for the size of image I'm trying to scan, that's not even 1000 dpi.


That all said, I think it's time to either give up on this scanner and buy one that does what it says it can do, or find an open-sourced software that can get the performance out of this scanner that it should be delivering.


Any suggestions?


Let me know - thanks!


Pax, harmonia,



Who Me Too'd this topic