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PIXMA MG3620 NOT printing photos :/


I've never been so annoyed by a printer in my life like this. I honestly can NOT understand why my Canon Pixma MG3620 is NOT printing any photos, it'll print word doc or anything from Excel just not any of my photos. 


I have MacBook Air macOS,10.13.3. I've restarted my laptop, shut down the printer and restart it yet nothing. 


I've downloaded 'My Image Garden' and I've followed the steps from Canon website on printing through it, yet the printer is just spitting the paper out BLANK, no photo. 


I tried using 4 x 6 photo paper..nothing. I tried regular paper NOTHING. Has anyone had this kind of issue? am i missing something IDK 


i've just set this printer up on sunday and bought it for the purpose of printing photos for my daughter's school project yet I can't even make use of it as expected. 

Who Me Too'd this topic