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Dull colors and washed out look canon pro 100

Just purchased a new Canon Pixma Pro-100 and cannot get accurate colors to print. I know that the images will not appear exactly the same as those on my computer but the yellows are a faded washed out dull color and the blues are terribly faded as well. All the photos I am printing appear to be aged with no vivid colors. I am on a Mac and have read that taking off the settings from the printer may help but I have no idea how to go about doing so! I am not printing from the image garden but from an app of my choice but the color image is just as dull. Any help on how to take off the settings from the printer with a Mac would be most appreciated!! And if anyone has had this issue with prints appearing yellow and aged then please let me know how y’all remedied it! Thanks
Who Me Too'd this topic