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Pixma MG2520 false paper jam; Won't feed paper through


My PIXMA MG2520 stopped printing, flashed 3 lights and gave me an error 1300 message. All of this equates to a paper jam. I checked the printer and there was nothing in it. No paper. So, I powercycled the machine and then attempted to print. It started to print, began pulling the paper through and then the paper just sat there, while the printer made printing sounds. The paper would not feed through. I contacted Canon Support, which told me to clean the rollers by holding the Stop button until the alarm lights showed 7 flashes. I did this several times and it did not fix my problem. I replied to their message with what happened and was told to take the paper out of my machine, but there is no paper! I'm not sure why my paper won't feed. 

To confuse things more, after all this, I ran a diagnostic on my machine and got this message: USB Composite Device can't work properly with USB 3.0.


This is confusing to me because my printer has been working fine with this USB device for months now, and only started to have this message after I got the false paper jam message. Also, my computer seems to be communicating with the printer as it begins printing, but just doesn't pull the paper through far enough to print on.


Thanks for any help you can give me.

Who Me Too'd this topic