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Where do I find the wifi WPS PIN for my PowerShot G7X?


I am trying to connect my Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II to my Windows 10 computer.


  1. On my camera, I choose "Wireless settings" and the "Reset Settings" to get a fresh start.
  2. Per the user manual, I push the wifi button on the camera, accept the camera name, select "Connect to computer," choose Add a Device, choose WPS Connection (FWIW I do see my wifi network name as an option on this screen), and choose PBC Method.
  3. The camera asks me to push and hold the access point button and proceed.
  4. I push the WPS button on my router until the router's WPS button starts blinking.
  5. I choose Next on the camera.
  6. The camera shows Completing WPS, lists my network name as the Access Point, displays Select a Device, and shows the name of my computer. I select it.
  7. The camera displays "Connecting" and shows my computer's name as the "Connected device." The little "busy" icon on the camera beings spinning.
  8. I go to control panel on my Windows 10 computer, choose "Add a device." I select "Canon Digital Camera" and choose Next.
  9. A dialog in Windows asks, "Enter the WPS PIN for your camera" and "You can find the WPS PIN on your Canon Digital Camera or in the info that came with it" (sometimes it displays, "You can find the WPS PIN on your RC8025 or the info that came with it.").

Where do I find the PIN? (Or, "What am I doing wrong?")



Who Me Too'd this topic