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The old B&W green tint, how fix?

On the Pro-100: printing a scan of a black and white negative. Good scan done on a Nikon Coolscan. The paper is, not the greatest. One of those sale packs. Made by a Chinese firm but branded with a once great U.S. camera maker name. Compared it with Canon paper: about the same whiteness/brightness to it before printing.
For first print I chose the generic glossy ICC and generic glossy paper choice for media.
The second print I chose the Canon option (no ICC, leave it to the printer) and the generic glossy paper for media again. 
Both look pretty good. Slight edge to the Canon option. So the word on the street to choose that for generic paper, seems to be true. Maybe that edge is even more pronounced with color prints… 
But both my prints have a very faint green tint. A sort of light green or yellow green cocktail olive tint or light caramel. Very subtle but, there.
Any suggestions on how to counteract the green? I would not mind loosing some shadow detail to get the blacks darker too. But without changing the contrast, which is perfect now.

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