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How do I make my Canon MX492 scan a document into my laptop?


Hello there. I'm new here. I'm not very good with computers or computer technology. 

I have a Canon MX492 printer/fax/scanner. I have a MaBook Pro laptop. It's very urgent that I scan some documents to lawyer.

I have done EXACTLY what the online manual says and nothing happens! I called the Canon number twice and talked to two very nice gentlemen but I could not even unsterstand them (their accents) and I just thanked them for trying to help me and hung up.

I haven't been able to figure out how to print wirelessly on this thing. But tonight I just need to scan some papers and make them go into my laptop, so I can email them to my lawyer by the time she arrives in the morning. This is my last attempt. 

If anyone can help me with some step by step Sesame Street level instructions, I would really appreciate it. 

Thank you. 

Who Me Too'd this topic