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2 PIXMA MX922 printers; the same old error message 6000

I received my refurbished PIXMA MX922 printer, serial #AEWS71102, as a replacement for a printer I bought in April (serial #AEYH44826).  After working well for two weeks, the first printer continuously displayed an error message 6000 that could not be corrected by means suggested by Canon support.  The refurbished scanner was sent, and it arrived on May 2, 2017.  I have been out of town, and did not have any opportunity to connect the new printer to my PC, according to the instructions with the printer, until today (May 7).
Unfortunately, the replacement printer does not work.  After loading the special paper needed for print head alignment, there was no ink deposited on the paper and the machine displayed error message 2500.  Per the displayed instructions, I deactivated and unplugged the printer, reloaded the paper, and then restarted after reinserting the plug into the outlet.  The printer then displayed error message 6000 without performing any other function.  I shut down the printer and unplugged it.  I then checked the print head, which was seated, though the lights that signify the ink cartridges are locked into place no longer light (despite lighting when the ink cartridges were first installed).  I removed the ink cartridges and reinstalled, but that had no effect after restarting the printer.  Despite going through those steps, it continues to display error message 6000.
After a very brief lifespan, my original printer failed, and, now, the replacement has failed with the same error message 6000. To put it mildly, I am unhappy to now be in possession of two non-functioning PIXMA MX922 printers.  This is not the type of quality I expect from a reputable name, such as Canon. 
I am open to suggestions.
Who Me Too'd this topic