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7D Mk2 Not Recognized by Windows 10


First: I am in I.T.. I have Googled & Binged many troubleshooting options, including all possible "turn it off & back on", "plug it into another port", & "reinstall the driver" (yes, there is a driver: the MTP driver). I am on Windows 10 (everything on newest updates) 


The camera is simply not there. It doesn't appear in Explorer, none of the software (Bridge, EOS Utility, Lightroom, etc) recognizes that it exists at all. It was working fine, but I joined my work domain which requires making a new user account. After that, nothing. I can't even get the EOS Utility to recognize it over WiFi anymore (that might be due to the domain join, but wired connect should work).


I have tried everythig I can find, including this little nugget:


Please send help & coffee! 😉

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Who Me Too'd this topic