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Canon Pixma Pro-100 printing incorrect sizes




I recently got this printer, and absolutely love it, the print quality is amazing. However, I cannot print the correct image sizes from Print Studio Pro. I have images that are 8x10" and I want to print them on standard 8,5x11" paper so I'll have a border. I select "bordered" and that paper size in the dialogue, but when the prints come out, they're about 7x9", smaller than the actual image. When I try to print a 6x8" image, it also comes out about 7x9".


There's no way to adjust image size that I can see, only paper size. I can scale the image to make it larger, but since there's no ruler, I can't scale them to the exact size I want (8x10"). I can print the correct sizes directly from Photoshop, but the quality is so much better with Print Studio Pro.


What am I doing wrong? How do I fix this?

Who Me Too'd this topic