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Camera clatter at today's White House event

Today President Obama met with President-elect Trump to discuss the transition of power that will take place in January when Obama's term ends and Trump's begins. Near the end of the meeting, the White House press corps was admitted, and the rest of the event was televised. During that entire time, the racket from still cameras (presumably DSLRs) was a major distraction that made it hard to concentrate on (and sometimes even to hear) what the two men were saying. Is there a solution to this? (I would have just told the still photographers to cut the clatter or leave the room, but it won't surprise you to learn that my opinion wasn't sought.) At this point in time, are there enough professional-quality cameras that are quiet enough that if everybody used them, it would make a significant difference? If not, are quieter cameras on the way, or do we have to wait for professional mirrorless cameras? Will even they be quiet enough? I can't believe I'm the only one who sees this as a problem, but does it have a near-term solution?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Who Me Too'd this topic