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Color Managament in ProGraf Pro1000

I have just upgraded printers from the Canon Pixma Pro 9500 MkII to the new Canon ProGraf Pro 1000.  I got great prints from the Pro 9500 MkII but I wanted the bigger paper size the Pro 1000 gives me. Since the upgrade, I have a bunch of questions I don’t really see answers to in the manual. No particular order to my questions as I just jotted them down as I went along.


Does using specific paper .icc profiles take the place of custom or common color calibrations on the Prograf Pro 1000?


If so, how do you turn off printer color management in the Pro 1000 driver setup?


On my 9500Pro Mkll I was able to turn off printer color management and use the printer .icc setup in LIghtroom to manage color from my calibrated monitor. It does not appear I can do that in the ProGraf Pro1000 software. If I use the .icc profile for my paper in the Canon Print Studio Pro software, do I set the Lightroom print module to printer manages color?  I would think if I use both the Lightroom module to set the .icc as well as the Canon Print Studio software to the same .icc profile, it would be a potential conflict? Or, do I set the Canon software color management to auto and use Lightroom to choose the .icc profile?


I also noticed that in Lightroom, I have the color space set to ProPhoto RGB which I am told is the best color space to use for printing. When I open Print Studio Pro, it shows the embedded color space on the image as Adobe RGB 1998 and I cannot change that setting. If Lightroom has the image as Pro Photo and the printer driver Adobe RGB, how can soft proofing work?


Any direction I can get will be very much appreciated. I really want  to take advantage of all the great features of this printer. Thanks.



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