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MG7150 PGBK printing distorsion

I have a problem mentioned in other posts on other printers - but unfortunatey no definite solution. The test print output shows the problem



MG7150 output print.jpg

I have tried cleaning, deep cleaning, aligning, updating drivers and removing the printhead to clean it outside the printer. A possible other solution is cleaning the encoder film.

I can't see how this could be the problem as the print deformation consistant across the page. The encoder runs all along the page also - so the problem with it would have to be the same along its full length? I may be wrong so I will clean it to see if it changes anything. The problem in doing this is access to it. How do I remove some/all of the printer panels to gain access? Any assistance will be appreciated.

I can't understand how the above pattern deviation is so regular? I assume there are 2 printing passes to generate the output. It looks as if there is a progressive delay in pushing the ink out of the head towards the centre of the pattern. This would account for the pattern generated.  If it was a "simple" print blockage/restriction I can't understand how it is so uniform?


Any feedback / advice etc. would be welcomed.


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