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I fixed my persistent 1311 error (paper jam) by running cardstock through the paper feed
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When I ran 3x5 index cards through my MX922 printer, it gave me a paper jam (1311) error code.  I took out the paper trays and the back transit cover, and removed one errant card.  Problem solved!  Except it wasn't.

The printer kept giving me a 1311 error code, even after I removed all the jammed paper I could find.     


I finally fixed the error code with these steps:

1) turn off the printer

2) remove the paper trays 

3) manually feed an inch or two of stiff paper into the paperfeed mechanism behind the trays (be careful not to damage anything-- wiggle the cardstock a little to gently feed it in)

4) slide the paper trays back in, being careful to not disturb the cardstock

5) turn on the printer

6) wait for the printer's initiallization process to pick up the cardstock and send it through. 


When my printer turned on, it whirred, picked up the cardstock, sent it through the paper transit pathway, and then deposited it into the output tray.   Two index cards popped out along with the cardstock, so the index cards must have been trapped inside the machine where I couldn't access them.   The printer booted normally-- and the error message disappeared!


Hope this helps someone else with a persistent paper jam error.  It's a very frustrating code to resolve. 

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