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5d mark iii unresponsive





5D Mark iii is partially unresponsive.



I was at Isle Royale last week shooting wildlife and landscape.  The morning prior to leaving, I was shooting a family of ducks.  My 32GB SanDisk Exstreme Pro CF card was nearly full, but the backup on bay 2, a 16GB SD SanDisk Ultra SD card, was empty.  I have the camera set up to automatically switch cards when the CF card is full.  I anticipated the camera to automatically switch over, but it did not.  Instead, it remained on bay 1.  Furthermore, the camera became partially unsponsive.  More specifically:


-The quick select dial is not working

- Occasionally, the main display will not work (cannot see menus, the quick control button does not activate the quick control screen, cannot see images, etc.  Occasionally however, the screen does seem to work.  I cannot consistently repeat this condition.

- When I shut power off, the LCD status panel will occasionally remain lit.  Obviously, if I pull the battery, it turns off

- I cannot activate the live viiew mode (which I never do - just commenting as an additional symptom)


I have tried changing cards, batteries, etc, but the problem remains.


Prior to this issue, the camera has been flawless.


Also, please note that the camera did take a fall about 4 days earlier while attached to a tripod.  However, after the fall, the camera worked flawlessly until the above issue occured.  Also, this was a kayaking trip, and there was occasional water droplet exposure whiile paddling (nothing more that droplets equivalent to raindrops).  The camera was not submergerged and was not exposed to excessive water.  I did try to 'dry it out' by allowing it to sit in the sun for a while.  I did note some condensation in the LCD status panel, but this quickly dissipated.  Despite this, the condition remains.  I doubt the water exposure is related to the issue at hand.


Also of note, the same cards have been used extensively in the past without issue.  In addition, the camera has previously switched bays as expected in the condition that the CF card in bay 1 is full.


Any ideas?



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