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This matter was really serious, card writing speed matter a lot. Thank you for valuable information.

Indeed, and that is why I am interested to learn how others get around it. I do expect to shoot some events with CF cards in RAW and yet having the safeguard of a backup in the SD slot. And if I choose to record RAW (perhaps smaller files) on the SD card, how much slower will it impact the overall speed of writing to both cards and this I can only trial it when I have the camera with me. I may consider shooting medium size files in Jpeg on SD as a backup.


I am not shooting fast pace sports events so perhaps I can live with slower writing speed.


Despite a slower writing speed on the SD slot, I view it as an added bonus to be able to have an instant back up in a shoot. But of course this is my personal opinion and others may feel differently about it and that is fine.


Also I see the 5D III as more than just a camera that that has two card slots. I was first drawn to the 5D III because of its superior ISO, AF and multi AF points.

While it is always best to shoot RAW, if all you have is a JPG it is not the end of the world. It is amazing how much latitude modern processing software gives you even with a JPG. 


For that reason I see little reason to shoot dual RAW files. RAW files to the CF card, and JPG files to the SD card is enough of a backup in my mind.

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