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Maxify iB4020 printing colors incorrectly


I just bought the Canon Maxify iB4020 printer. I am trying to print a graphic and the colors come out wrong- instead of yellow I am getting orange.


I went through the whole process of cleaning and deep cleaning the nozzles, printing a nozzle check and a print head alignment. None of these steps helped. The test prints printed all colors. The ink cartridges are not empty or low. I called Canon tech support and spent a hour trying to solve the problem. Deleted the driver and downloaded it from Canon. Printed a pattern for color adjustment- all of the images were orange instead of yellow.


The file I am trying to print was created in Adobe Illustrator. I have tried printing from that program. I converted the file to a .jpeg and printed it. Still orange. I created a file in MS Paint, created my color, and printed. Still orange, not yellow. I know it is not an issue with the color looking yellow on my computer display but not really being yellow, because I have printed the same Illustrator file on two different printers, and in both cases the color printed correctly- yellow and not orange.



At this point, I have no more clues as to what is going wrong, other than this printer cannot print certain colors, which doesn't make sense to me. Help?

Who Me Too'd this topic