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updating to windows 10 killed the scanner in my MF 6160dw. HELP!


My Canon MF6160dw printer/scanner refuese to scan after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The printing functionality is ok however.

I have tried removing and re-installing the printer drivers (including manually deleting the information in windows\twain_32), but my MF6160 printer still refuses to scan. There are no errors or activity - it simply refuses to scan. I have tried scanning through the Canon Toolbox, through a paint program and even using the scan feature on the printer itself to no avail. After some internet research I was able find numerous complaints about this issue in the online Canon Community. This certainly seems to be an issue with the Canon Drivers compatibility with Windows 10. The scanning function worked perfectly fine on Windows 7 prior to upgrading. I am surprised that Canon has not come up with a solution for this very serious issue.

Keep in mind that I have already gone through the un-installation and re-installation of the drivers several times already and it did not fix the issue.

Who Me Too'd this topic