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Re: Canon 5d mark ii

I would recommend of Canon's speedlite flashes.  I would go with the 430EX II, 430EX III-RT, 600EX, or the 600EX-RT.  The RT models are the latest releases.  The newer models are RT, radio transmitter, controlled.  The older models are infrafred controlled and require a clear line of sight to activate remote flash units.


I would recommend going with the 600EX-RT, or the budget minded 430EX II.  The RT models require an RT transmitter unit in order to make remote flashes operate in radio mode.  The flashes have built-in RT recievers  The 600EX also has an RT transmitter built-it, while the 430EX does not. 


Aside from the difference in flash power, I think the current sale price of the 430EX II makes it a great buy if you're on a budget, compared to the more powerful 600EX flash.  You could almost buy two 430s for the price of one 600.


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