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Canon IJ Network Scan Utility


Hi. after wind 10, my Canon  Network Scan Utility tool is not to be found. devices/printer, mx340 series, operate your printer or fax, display;




 Need to scan documente to PC, but not able. Cannon Downloads has no dropdown, and lists only one download which I used. It was the MP for wind 10. Of course I need to get this done yesterday.

  (an hour later of novice time)

"program incompatability troubleshooter"
issues found: incompatable program. Fix CNMNSUT. fIND AND FIX PROBLEMS WITH OLDER RUNNING programs on this version of Windows.
Package version: 1.5
publisher: Microsoft Corp"
  No DVD playability and now this? I'm really beginning to be thankfull for Windows 10. Wish I still had my 7. Everything worked fine.

Who Me Too'd this topic