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HDMI flickering issue w/Canon C-100 MK2 & Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle



I have been attempting to capture video from a C-100 & a C-100 MKII directly into a 2012 MacBook Pro (running Yosemite) as follows - 

C-100 or C-100MKII > HDMI cable > Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle > Thunderbolt cable > 2012 MacBook Pro w/Blackmagic Media Express Software

The C-100 works great, no issues so far with setup. However the MkII causes a choppy black flickering that begins several minutes after connecting and then remains for the duration of the connection.

Anyone else have this experience with MKII? Possible solutions, aside from not using it? Have thoroughly reviewed & experimented with settings, and haven't been able to fix the issue.

Regards.. J.V

Who Me Too'd this topic