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MX922: Some text lines sharp, some text lines blurry


Hi - I have an MX922 that mostly works, but the black text printing quality is degraded.


A nozzle check shows that all nozzles seem to be working. However, the PGBK section is blurrier in the middle of the test pattern.

Color printing looks OK, and the BK printing looks fine, too.


This may be hard to describe, but the best way I can think of is this:

When printing out the Windows Printer Test Page, approximately 2 lines of black text are sharp, followed by approximately 4 lines of "blurry" text. This pattern repeats throughout the page.

Now, by "2 or 4 lines of text", it isn't exactly 2 or 4 lines, it is probably more related to position on the page, or with respect to the print head. It is just describing how I get about 1/3 of my printing sharp, and about 2/3 is blurry.


By "blurry", it can be described like this: Instead of printing a solid black vertical line like this: | , instead I see a dimmer double line something like this: || across the page for that line of text.

Is there a fix for this?




Who Me Too'd this topic