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EOS 70D - Direst to computer WIFI Remote Control

I have a D70 which I cannot connect directly via WIFI to my Toshiba Z10t computer (Windows 10) for remote control. I successfully connected the remote control feature to my Android phone but the computer cannot connect to the computer.

For computer wifi connection I use the following sequence:

On the D70:

1. Enable WIFI

2. WIFI Function->Remote Control (EOS) Utility -> Select Computer Icon

3.  Find Network <OK>

4. <enter connection>

5. select "Ad Hoc" <OK>

6. Select Camera (my cameras name is 70D)

7. Select "Auto Setting" <OK>

8. Encryption Settings - Select "None" <OK>

9.BUSY .... Please Wait Appears

Now go to Computer and Review active WIFI Connections

1. On the computer in the network settings select the 70D Network icon

2. At this point I get a message : "Can't connect to this network" and cannot get past this point

----- Do you have any suggestions how to get past this and connect so I can remotely control the camera from my computer --- I am not usung a wireless router but connecting computer directly to camera instead---

Thank you in advance 



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