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Pixma MX432 - Always has problems grabbing paper


Hi All,


I bought this thing about 2 years ago, ran out of ink about 18 months ago, and have not replaced the ink because this problem was so bad.


Do others face the same issue? Is there a solution? I would say about 75% of the time it either would claim it was out of paper when it was not (I would test with a few pages to 30 pages no difference) or it would grab more than one and screw up my entire print job.


Currently I'm using a HP printer from 2003 that still works great but it requires me plugging in - if there is a solution to this issue I'd happily try to get a wireless setup.


Thoughts appreciated. Else I might as well donate this thing as it takes up a ton of space and serves zero purpose right now.



Who Me Too'd this topic