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Scanner Errors 15, 157, 0 on Pixma MX472 (Mac)


I just bought this printer and have been trying to get it to work with my Mac that's running OS X 10.7. At this point, I'm at a loss; I've tried plugging the scanner into the computer via USB, but that doesn't seem to get it to connect either. 


I connected it to the wireless network just fine. I just keep getting this message when I try to scan:


Cannot communicate with scanner for these reasons:
- Scanner is turned off.
- (If using Wired LAN connection) It is disconnected from Wired LAN.
- (If using wireless LAN connection) Signal strength is poor due to obstructions.
- Network connection is prohibited by security software.
- Different scanner on the network is selected.

Please check and try again.



And when I use the panel on the printer itself, it doesn't do anything--I can choose all of the settings I want, but when I press Start, it tells me to "Please wait a while" and then nothing happens.


If I don't figure this out soon, I think I may have to return it and find something else that's more Mac-friendly. I'm pretty tech savvy and am usually very patient with things like this, but I have no idea what else to do... I've spent several hours trying to get it to work.


Please help!!

Who Me Too'd this topic