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Pixma Pro 100 printing dark and muddy




I have seen several threads about this and tried to read those over and learn from them first but I'll admit to being so lost.


I've had the printer since August and previously had a PC with Windows 8. Since December, I've been using a Mac. With both computers, though, I always got dark and muddy prints, especially with blues and greens.  I have installed drivers and looked for any software updates and the Canon website says I'm up to date. But when I go to print something, in the drop down box there are two options for paper - plain and photo. With my PC, there were a dozen or more options (matte paper, glossy paper, art paper, etc.).


I have installed ICC profiles from Red River Paper, as I did with the PC.


On a previous thread, I saw to go to Canon My Printer and then to settings. I'm guessing that's software? I don't seem to have that on my computer. I looked online and it came up on various software download sites but not the Canon web site. I am leery about installing from one of those web sites so I didn't.


After reading another thread, I went in to PhotoShop and selected a different color space (Adobe 1998).


I apologize for being so lost but apparently I am in need of super-simplified instructions. I cannot seem to figure this out. It's so frustrating and discouraging. I appreciate any help! 


Thank you!

Who Me Too'd this topic