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Hi tkrueger3,


You can scan items in as black and white JPEGs, adjust the DPI, and choose the save location of the item by using the ScanGear scanner driver, accessible via the IJ Scan Utility program that comes with the printer. To do this, please follow these steps:


  1.  Open the IJ Scan Utility.


  2.  On the bottom right corner of the window, please click the SETTINGS button.  This will open the Settings (Auto Scan) window.


  3.  On the left side of the window, please click SCANGEAR.  This will display the Settings (ScanGear) pane in the right side of the window.


  4.  Locate the Data Format field in the Save Settings section in the right pane of the window, then select the JPEG/EXIF option.  Next, please click the SETTINGS... button next to the Data Format field, then select the JPEG/EXIF option from the "Format for Item Detected as Document in Auto Scan:" and "Format for Item Detected as Photo in Auto Scan:" fields, then click the OK button.


  5.  In the Save In field, click the drop-down box, then select ADD.  This will open the Select Destinaton Folder window.  


  6.  In the Select Destination Folder window, click the ADD button, then navigate to the folder where you would like to have the scanned items saved.  If you need to create a new folder to save the scans into, please click the MAKE NEW FOLDER button.  Once the location has been selected, please press the OK button.  You should now see the folder you have selected in the Select Destination Folder window.  Click the OK button again to close out of the window.


  7.  Locate the Application Settings section of the window, then click the DO NOT START ANY APPLICATION option.


  8.  Click the OK button to close out of the Settings (ScanGear) window.  You will be taken back to the main IJ Scan Utility window.


  9.  Click the SCANGEAR button.  The ScanGear window will launch.


10.  Click the ADVANCED MODE tab at the top right of the screen.


11.  Locate the Input Settings section, then click the drop-down box next to the Select Source field and select the PLATEN option.  


12.  In the Color Mode field, click the drop-down box to select the BLACK AND WHITE option.


13.  Locate the Output Settings section, then in the Output Resolution field, click the drop-down box to select the desired DPI.  Please note that the higher the DPI selected, the larger the file size will be.


14.  Click the blue PREVIEW button at the bottom of the window to preview what the image will look like when scanned, then make any changes needed.  Once you have made the changes, please click the green SCAN button at the bottom of the window to initiate the scan.  


The item will now be scanned and saved to the location specified above.


Hope this helps!


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