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Here is why my Canon camera died.  There was a loose piece I could hear rattling around inside the camera body so I disassembled the body in order to open the body and see what fell out.  When I opened the bottom of the body a small silver screw fell out of the body.  Apparently this happens to be a problem with this model and maybe others.  A screw from the motherboard backs itself out and rolls around inside the camera body shorting out the DC/DC power board and blowing the fuse labeled "P" on the power board. When I placed a meter across this fuse it reads infinity instead of a normal dead short.

How does a screw located inside of a camera body unscrew itself.  This is not a software issue or a failed electronics issue and this camera would still be working rihgt now if the screw had not backed out and shorted out my camera.  Canon's answer is of course that they no longer service this camera.

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Who Me Too'd this solution