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Magenta Cast on New Pixma Pro 100


I noticed a strong Magenta cast to my prints that have any sort of magenta content.  Most noticeably on Sunsets which all come out red rather than Orange.  I started looking for solutions and cannot believe how prevalent this issue is with Padma Pro Printers??


Surely there is something fundamentally wrong here?  Either many hundreds of people don’t know how to follow instructions or there are driver/SW issues that needs to be addressed.  I can find hundreds of reports of this across various models, with no resolution posted and Canon apparently unable to offer anything other than workarounds.  (I will be calling them soon to confirm). It’s always Magenta too..


I scoured the web for a solution and have tried all combination of suggestions, even the ones that quite frankly seem ridiculous, like do not preview the print first as this will screw it up?? If that is the case then that is a bug, surely.

If anyone can offer any suggestions for a way to resolve that does not include all previously tried remedies:  Using Canon paper, Inks and ICC Profiles.  Turn off all Printer color management (Ironically, the only way I can get the printer to print anything like it should color wise, is to turn the Printer color management on.)


From tests I can see that the printer is being told to print Magenta, See below Print preview of a sunset.  So I am sure the printer is fine, I just need to get the SW to drive it correctly.

Canon Pixma Pro 100, Canon Ink, Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi Gloss,

Windows 8.1, LR 5.7 PS CS5.


Any help, much appreciated.




Who Me Too'd this topic