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Why are some of my photos tack sharp while others in the same series are out of focus?


My camera is a Canon Rebel XS (dSLR) and I primarily use the 50mm f/1.8 lens. 


I shoot in Manual Mode with Autofocus ON.


I am having difficulty with my photos coming out incositant - some are out of focus, while others in the same series (taken a moment apart) are tack sharp.


I've attached two examples - one of the out-of-focus image, the other sharp images (both have been blown up).


It is not camera shake and my settings are identical for both photos. (ISO 200 | f/4.5 | 1/100sec in this instance.)


This has become such a problem that I find myself needing to take 10x more photos of the same subject/pose in order to hopefully get one sharp image from the series.


I have asked multiple people about this problem (though I have yet to take my camera and lens to a shop due to lack of funds) and no one has any idea of either what I'm talking about or what the problem could be.


I would appreciate your thoughts and help!


Thank you! 


Fuzzy/Out of Focus:

1- Fuzzy.png



2 - Sharp.png


Who Me Too'd this topic