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How do you get Canon Customer Service to respond to a request for service? 7 contacts - 0 reponse.


I am trying to make contact with Canon Customer Service to facilitate a repair of 10x30 IS binoculars - I have now contacted them via e-mail SEVEN TIMES (over the past year), and NOT ONE RESPONSE.  Is there a special method (i.e. only during the full moon, pretend to be a pretty girl, say "Pretty Please", or let them know that the next step is to contact every outdoor magazine and internet forum on Earth??) to get them to respond?  I would like to find out an address and procedure for getting these repaired.


Hello?  Bueller?  Anybody?  Anybody?


Sheesh.  I own other Canon products (including 4 cameras).  I have recommended these to friends and family.  Pretty hard to recommend anything Canon after all this ignoring.


OK... pretty please?


Captain Jim B.

Who Me Too'd this topic