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Re: Problems installing wireless connection to Pixma MX922

That's MG 5620, not MX... sorry
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Re: Problems installing wireless connection to Pixma MX922

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There is nothing wrong with the Canon software.  It is a "feature" of Windows. 


Windows does not allow you to share scanners with other users.  The assumption is made that in order to use the scanner, then you must be physically standing in front of the scanning device.  In other words, if the scanning device is not at a remote location, then there is no need to connect to it remotely.  Sharing a scanner with remote users contradicts that assumption. What would be the point in connecting to a scanner that is in another room or building?


A similar assumption exists with the scanner driver software.  It assumes that the device connects to only one computer via USB.   Some scanners do you allow you to scan to a specific file location.  S ome even allow this location to be on a network drive.  That network drive location can be shared by users.  Read the specs on your device.  Not all features may be "networkable."  The  Canon site is currently going through a reconfig, so I haven't been able to download anything all day.


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Re: Problems installing wireless connection to Pixma MX922

Ran the install again, for Wifi this time.  Did not lose printing capability, now the scanner will work with the Canon utility but not other windows programs. 


I'll call Canon on Monday, try to get Windows functionality, will update then.


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Re: Problems installing wireless connection to Pixma MX922

Wadizzle, thanks for your interest.


It appears that I am unlucky to have a new Canon printer with issues on the day they took down the site.


You are, however, in error.  For one thing, I am not attempting to share the scanner with another user.  My printer is only connected to my singular PC via my router.  Windows is not preventing this, nor has it ever.


I am not attempting to scan remotely, I am attempting to initiate a scan from my PC.  I can do this from the Canon Utility now, or I can initiate a scan from the device itself.  Third party programs, however, like Word, Photoshop, Open Office, and Photo Printer, are unable to initiate scans as they have with other devices.  My belief at this time is that this problem comes from Canon's install program, which bypassed Window's normal Scanners and Cameras install process.  Thus, no icon in Scanners and Cameras, which means that the MG5620 is not installed as a scanner in Windows. 


This is similar to the problem I had with installing the MG5620 as a printer; the Canon Install Utility attempted to bypass Windows when installing the printer as a WiFi device.  Only when I installed it via USB would it install as a Windows printer.


I also know the Canon software has problems because even after the MG5620 is working as a WiFi printer, the Canon Install Utility first identifies the MG5620 via WiFi and then says it is not connected.  I think Canon has again tried to bypass the native Windows Networking  because even after identifying the MG5620 via the router, the Canon Utility was unable to identify the router, read the router password, or register the product via the internet, claiming that no network was connected.  Luckily, these are all steps that may be bypassed.


However, in several places the Canon software is programmed to obstruct your progress.  For example, the Canon Scanning Utility insisted, after the MG5620 wirelessly sent it a scanned document, that there was no document, because "The USB cable is disconnected".  I was still able to use the document, easily in Windows programs, with some difficulty after bypassing the obstacle in Canon.  Similarly, I had to install several times to find a path around the greyed-out "Next" buttons that stall your progress when the Canon software gets confused.


Goodness knows that Microsoft is never mistake free.  I'd be willing to allow that the complexity of accomodating the many install requirements of the various Windows versions made Canon unwilling to follow Microsoft standard procedure.  This one is not on Windows.  So many other printers install themselves in Windows sucessfully, and you plug them in and use them, and those people are happier than I. 


I'm really hoping that once the scanner gets installed in Scanners and Cameras, I'll never have to deal with this again, and then I'll be happier.  But the suspicion that Canon is trying to force me to use a Canon branded scan utility instead of my useful applications still burns.


Thank you for allowing me to vent.


Even though I sound angry, I'm more frustrated, and would happily try any suggestion you have that would allow the MG5620 to be installed as a scanner in Windows, instead of only via the Canon Utility, My Image Garden.


And ugh, now I have to figure out how to turn off the power saver, which does not put the machine to sleep, it turns the MG5620 off.  So every time I work for 15 minutes, I have to go press to power button (and waste the startup ink) to work again.  Ugh.  This printer better be awesome.


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Re: Problems New Instalation of Pixma MX922 won't print

I have just installed a new Canon MX922 Wireless Printer on my PC running Windows 7 Pro. When I check the status of the printer it shows “ready” but when I try to print I get the following message and I am the only one using the printer. “Another computer is using the printer. The following status is the usage status of that computer.”
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Re: Problems New Instalation of Pixma MX922 won't print

Bounce the Print Spooler service, works everytime. 



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