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Printer won't connect to wireless home network

I'm helping a neighbor set up a new Canon Pixma TS3122. The printer was still in its original packaging when I entered their home this morning. I installed the ink cartridges and printed the network configuration page. That part was easy. The rest was pure frustration.


First, I want to be clear that I am not in the home right now. I'm much more comfortable using my own equipment to use the Canon Forum. (I have faster broadband.) Here's what I've done so far and the results—


  • I followed the instructions in the printed documentation that came with the printer. The neighbor uses an HP laptop Windows 10 computer that they bought new about two years ago. On that laptop, I went to the Canon web site and downloaded and installed the software and drivers for the printer. 
  • I followed instructions in the printed manual AND instructions that I found on Canon's support site in repeated attempts to connect the printer to the in-home wireless network. These instructions told me to press the Direct button; another set of instructions told me to press the Wireless button. All attempts failed. More than once, I saw the "E32" error code, but twice the effort ended with the wireless symbol and a "x" beside it.
  • I deleted the software I'd downloaded from Canon and used the CD-ROM instead. Of course, the installation process went to and retrieved the exact same stuff that I'd gotten earlier, but it was worth a try, I thought!
  • In another thread in the Canon Community forum, a Canon expert suggested setting up the printer with a smart phone. The neighbor has an Apple iPhone, so I installed the Canon Print app on his phone. The app installed with little trouble, and I printed a photo from his phone.

The problem, of course, is that the printer refuses to connect to the router. That's why the setup software that I installed on the laptop can't see the printer. The router is a Netgear WNR 2000, and it does have a WPS button. The printer instructions say nothing about pressing the WPS button on the router. I've followed those instructions as-written and did not press the WPS button on the router. When that failed, I re-tried the setup and DID press the WPS button the router, but the results were the same: no joy.


I know the router is working properly. My neighbor uses it regularly, and I was using it with his laptop. The computer, the printer, and the router are sitting in the same room about 10-12 feet apart, with no physical barriers between them. What can I do to get the printer and the router talking to each other?

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Re: Printer won't connect to wireless home network

Well, never mind. My wife suggested I reset the modem. Did that, and we now have a printer connected to the neighbor’s home network! Happy–happy! Installing software even as I write this.
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Re: Printer won't connect to wireless home network

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Probably doesn't matter now.  Clearly you were a victim of a improperly configured network and being unfamiliar with their hardware.  That router is over 6 yrs old.  Lots of performance improvements have been made since the N300 standard was introduced.  Might want to encourage your neighbor to upgrade. A simple reset did the trick.

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