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PIXMA MG3650 WILL NOT connect over wifi

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Hello everyone,


I'd appreciate if anyone could help in my WIFI issues, cause i'm pretty close to putting my fist through my new MG3650.


All im trying to do is connect to my win 10 PC using the setup guide. I try to follow the extact 'cableless' setup, but when I push-hold the wifi button NOTHING happens. 


The amber light doesn't blink, I can't see the printer on my available wifi networks, silence?


Is this insufferable machine simply DOA?


/Frustraited rant



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Re: PIXMA MG3650 WILL NOT connect over wifi

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To try and get the printer connected wirelessly, we can reset your network, then initialize the machine settings of the printer to set its network settings back to the default, then re-enable the wireless setting of the printer and attempt to install the drivers.  To reset your network, please follow these steps:


1. Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord, then turn off your computer.


2. Unplug your wireless router for at least 60 seconds, then plug it back in.


3. Wait 5 minutes, then plug the printer back in, and turn it and the computer back on.


Please also move your printer as close to your wireless access point/router as possible, ensuring that there are no devices that may be causing an interference (i.e., baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves, other wireless devices, etc.) between the devices nearby.


Once your network has been reset, please initialize the network settings of the printer and re-enable the wireless setting by following these steps:


1. Press and hold the STOP button and release it when the Alarm lamp flashes 21 times. This will initialize the machine settings.


2. Next, please turn off the printer, unplug the power cord and leave it out for at least 10 minutes, then plug it back in and turn it back on.


3. Once the printer comes back on, please press and hold the Wi-Fi button, then release it when the ON lamp flashes.


4. Press the COLOR button, then the Wi-Fi button in this order. The wireless LAN setting of the printer is now enabled.


Once the wireless LAN setting is enabled, please try reinstalling the drivers on your computer.  Prior to reinstalling the drivers, you will want to ensure that any antivirus, firewall or spyware programs that are on your computer are temporarily disabled, as these programs can sometimes prevent the printer drivers from being installed successfully.  Once the printer drivers and software are reinstalled successfully, the protection software can be re-enabled.


Hope this helps!

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Re: PIXMA MG3650 WILL NOT connect over wifi


I tried following these steps,  but failed at step  (having completed the 1st three steps) 1 because the power button did not flash once, later alone 21 times . How to proceed?

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Re: PIXMA MG3650 WILL NOT connect over wifi


Timing is everything, and sometimes you have to perform the steps one or more times in order to perform the reset.  I suggest you try again.

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Re: PIXMA MG3650 WILL NOT connect over wifi

Hi, I just had the same problem and my gosh how frustrating. I finally solved my problem so thought I'd share. I had set up the printer through the wi-fi mode 2.4 GHz and yesterday I had changed the setting on my wi-fi to 5 GHz thinking it would be better. Well not the case for me with the Canon MG3650.  Apparantly, the range is better with 2.4GHz so check your wi-fi mode and if you have the option of 2.4 GHz try it.  


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Re: PIXMA MG3650 WILL NOT connect over wifi

Hi  -  I tried all your steps successfully and re-started the installation process.

For a third time my PC recognised the printer and offered it for selection, but as soon as I selected Next the error message "Connection failed" prevented further progress.

I've now tried most of one day.  Sometimes the installation wizard can't even find the printer.

Any further advice much appreciated - Thankyou - Tim3

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Re: PIXMA MG3650 WILL NOT connect over wifi

Sorry for (kinda) necroposting, but this worked for me.
I spent a whole day trying ALL the suggested solutions, and this was the only one that worked.

Thanks a lot!

So for everyone out there still trying:
change your wi-fi frequency to 2.4 GHz.
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Re: PIXMA MG3650 WILL NOT connect over wifi



I had same issue and tried the suggested solution in this thread but did not work for me.

Eventually i solved the problem but could not identify the reason why it happened.

Here are the things i've done in case anyone with persistent issue would like to try:


- Make sure the cartrige is inserted and not empty. I tried to setup the wifi without inserting the cartriges and nothing would happen

- Test your printer with a USB connection. The printer did not ship with USB cable so i bought a separate one and validated the printer could connect to PC and could print properly

-After performing these 2 steps, i tried the steps in the manual and it worked smoothly


Good Luck!

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